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V.I.P. Plan
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 What is the V.I.P. Plan?

If your computer(s) are a very important part of your business (or even your home life), keeping them in top condition is also important. Computers require maintenance just like a car. Our annual V.I.P. Plan gives you twice-a-year maintenance on your computer(s), scheduled for your convenience. This plan also gives you our lowest hourly rate for any additional work needed on a V.I.P. plan computer ($40 per hour.)  And when you are a Lloyd's on Portage V.I.P., your computer needs will always be given our highest priority.

The maintenance services provided with the V.I.P. Plan are:

  • PC Physical Cleaning
  • CD-ROM/Floppy drive cleaning and testing
  • Fan inspection and oiling
  • Hard drive cleaning and defrag
  • Windows, Office and hardware driver updates
  • Anti-Virus/Spyware/Protection updates and scan
  • PC critical data backup verification
  • Network traffic flow testing (if applicable)
  • Free phone calls for V.I.P. plan computer questions
  • No trip charge for routine service on V.I.P. plan computers

The cost of our annual V.I.P Plan is:

  • Dependent on the number of computers
  • $30 per computer per month except network servers
  • $60 per network server per month
  • Billed on a monthly basis