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You may have heard people talk about parasites, viruses, or some other awful sounding thing.  These are all "nasty" programs that have somehow managed to get into your computer.  This can happen even if you have protection installed.

If your computer seems to keep slowing down or you are getting popup messages on your screen that you don't recognize or your computer "just doesn't work right", it's possible your computer has been infected with a virus or some other parasite.

There are many kinds of parasites.  Some common types are  called viruses, spyware, rogues, trojans, worms, adware, hi-jackers, key-loggers.

Even if you have one of the brand name "complete" protection systems for viruses, none of them are perfect and they are always a few days behind so your computer can still become infected.
If you suspect you have an infected computer, give me a call and we can talk about it.  We may be able to do something over the phone or you might have to bring your computer into our shop.