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Do you need help figuring out what kind of computer equipment you need?

Lloyd has a great deal of experience with computer equipment.  He can make recommendations based on his analysis of your particular needs. Each individual and company has different needs so he will spend some time asking you questions, pertinent to your situation.

We can be your computer equipment supplier and installer.

We would be happy to sell you the computers and peripherals that will work for your situation. But we are also happy to do installations of equipment that you have purchased elsewhere. Generally, we view computer and computer peripheral sales as a service and convenience to our customers. (In other words, we make very little money on it.) We hope in providing this service for you that you will decide to have us do your installation and repair work.

The cost of consulting--

We charge our hourly rate plus travel if we need to come to your place (business or home) for a consultation. If your computer needs are very simple and a phone consultation will be sufficient, there would be no charge for Lloyd's expertise.