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We're here to help you with computer problems.

The first step in computer repair is diagnosis.  As with any sort of complex equipment, this can sometimes be a complicated, time-consuming thing.  Lloyd has been working with computers for 45 years but there are still things that are sometimes hard for him to diagnose.

He does his very best to do diagnosis quickly and accurately but there are a lot of unknowns.  We charge a flat rate of $30 to do a diagnosis. (This price is usually a BARGAIN because diagnosis can take several hours.)  Once he has made a diagnosis, he will let you know what the cost of repair will be.  If you give him the OK, he will do the repair and the diagnosis fee will not be charged.  If you decide against doing the repair, your total bill will be $30.

How long will it take to fix my computer?

That depends on the problem.  And, because we all have chosen to live "a little off the beaten path", it may take a few days to receive parts.  You can be assured Lloyd will be working on your computer as fast as he can.  And he will keep you informed of your computers status.  And you can always call here to "check up".  We like phone calls.